I noticed that there was a gap in the current international wine country real estate market. The gap wasn't due to inventory issues; rather, it was the approach to effectively marketing and communicating the true story behind each property, estate, vineyard & unique investment opportunity. It was realizing that too much time and focus was being spent on "dollars and cents" rather than the "story and the people" - the essence of what really makes the asset truly valuable. If you get that right by authentically embracing the process and the people, the dollars will inevitably follow. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

I'm in the business of passionately sharing my love for wine country and the coastal lifestyle - the views, the landscape, the wine, the food, the people and its real estate offerings. It would be my absolute pleasure to help be your real estate advisor, whether buying or selling." 

If my approach resonates with you and you would like to work with someone who passionately celebrates this lifestyle, please reach out ➝